Ultimate Performance Is a Registered USA Wrestling, USA Track and Field and USA Boxing Club. We are dedicated to helping kids of all ages gain self confidence and motivation through our amateur programs. Our training staff is full of Knowledge and Patience and will work tirelessly to make sure your kids get the motivation and drive they need to walk with their head up! We will take your kids and compete at whichever sport they are interested in. We also offer Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jui Jitsu, MMA so if your kid is interested in working on other mixed martial arts they will have the choice to experiment!!

Ultimate Performance offers a great selection of weight equipment as well as cardio machines, to achieve personal body perfection. We have HitFit classes and you could lose up to 1,000 calories a workout! It’s a mixture of Boxing one day and Kickboxing the next day. Are you stressed and need to take out some anger….. Well this is the workout for You!!

Ultimate Performance can help any athlete with college dreams get recruited with our professional highlight videos and knowledge of the recruitment process. We train our athletes with the ability to make it to the level of college they wish to attend and help them in any way to make this dream possible!!
We also have a great workout program for adults on weight loss and sculpting your body to satisfaction. Guaranteed to lose 10 pounds in just 1 week!! Come in and ask us how to help you achieve this great feeling!!

Stop by Ultimate Performance of Pueblo and start changing your life for the better today and a healthier future!!!!

USA Volleyball Club

Ultimate Performance is a USA Volleyball Training facility for the Ultimate Performance Panthers.


USA Boxing

The Ultimate Performance Training Facility is equipped with a full boxing ring and is a member of the USA Boxing community.  Classes and groups are available for those interested in learning how to box for fitness and enjoyment.


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